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Does J.Lo's selfie have a masked man lurking in it? Some fans think so

Mystery person or optical illusion?
/ Source: TODAY

When Jennifer Lopez posted a workout selfie recently, plenty of people focused on her expression of fierce determination, not to mention her trademark killer abs.

But some people also noticed something strange in the background: what appears to be a man with his face half covered over Lopez's right shoulder.

“Why is there a man in the background with a hand over his mouth?” one person commented on her selfie.

“Anyone notice the guy in the mask? Lol,” another wrote.

A third person thought the face belonged to a child, not a man, asking Lopez in the comments, “What's the kid behind (you) with covered mouth? And why?”

Is this really a mysterious figure lurking behind her?
Is this really a mysterious figure lurking behind her?jlo/Instagram

While many fans believed what they saw was definitely human, not everyone agreed.

“I haven’t seen a man or mouth covered,” one person chimed in. "If you look at it, to me it looks like her dog poking its nose around the door in the background.”

J.Lo, 50, hasn’t commented on the speculation about the mysterious man (or dog?) behind her, and it could just be an optical illusion created by a hanging towel or piece of clothing.

But optical illusions can be powerful — remember the infamous dress from a few years ago? — and some people remain absolutely convinced that there’s more to Lopez’s selfie than meets the eye.

Her fans may never know!