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J. Lo available for parties — for $2 million

Jennifer Lopez is reportedly being paid $2 million to sing at a 30 birthday party that a Russian tycoon is throwing for his wife.
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Jennifer Lopez is hot — in Russia.

The diva, whose career has cooled a bit in the U.S. — is reportedly being paid $2 million to sing at a 30th birthday party that a Russian tycoon is throwing for his wife.

Andrei Melnichenko, a 35-year-old Russian banker, is flying Lopez to the U.K. to entertain his model wife, Aleksandra, and her 60 guests at their home for her birthday bash, according to various overseas reports. The tab is said to be $1.2 million fee, plus $800,000 for Lopez and her entourage’s expenses. Melnichenko’s personal fortune is reportedly close to $5 billion.

“Andrei and Aleksandra are both very great fans of J. Lo, so Andrei put the call in and personally put the offer to [Lopez,]” a source told London’s Daily Mail. “She accepted immediately. She will sing for about 40 minutes — not bad money for the work.”

A London spokesman for the tycoon would say only: “This is strictly a private party for close friends and family.”

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