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It's time to promote Peggy over the other women of 'Mad Men'

The men of "Mad Men" may get most of the attention because, well, there they are in the title of the show, but let's not forget about the women.

Steven Pan / GQ / Today
Elisabeth Moss (Peggy Olson) from "Mad Men."

Joan and Betty and Megan and Peggy -- and a bunch of other names and faces who (used to) cycle in and out of Don's bed -- bring a richness to the series which is only matched by the divisiveness they cause among those who like to debate the hot and the not.

Peggy Olson (Elisabeth Moss), who left us in season five, but who we're reminded (thanks to GQ!) will still be around this season, is clearly someone who is still worth chatting up near the coffee maker. GQ gets it right in labeling her "the office crush," and she gets it right in recognizing how relatable her character is compared to the rest.

"I think Peggy captivates people because they see themselves in her," Moss told the magazine. "I think that she's sort of the everyman, and she's the one that -- especially women of all ages and especially women in the professional world -- identify with."

We've always appreciated the relationship Peggy has with Don and no episode spelled out their dynamic better than "The Suitcase" in season four. Did we want them to hook up? Of course not. OK, yes. Would it have ruined everything? Totally.

Everything was totally ruined for Don and his ex, Betty Francis (January Jones), and that has led to an interesting dynamic for fans when it comes to his current wife, Megan Draper (Jessica Paré). Don's cheating finally sent Betty packing and into the arms of Henry (zzzzzz), and we're left with Don trying to be a good husband this time around (zzzzzz).

AMC / Today
More women of "Mad Men," from left, Betty, Megan and Joan.

Megan can "Zou Bisou Bisou" all she wants, but it's just not working. Betty is bitter and unhappy in marriage again and all we want is for her to have some sort of awkward affair with Don. What is wrong with us?!

Joan Harris (Christina Hendricks) gets a lot of love for reasons that are way too obvious. Stop staring at her pen -- she's a partner now at the agency! And even though she slept with a man to get to the top, we're hoping she steps on a few in order to stay there.

"Mad Men" season six premieres Sunday at 9 p.m. on AMC.

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