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It's show(girl) time for KLG and Hoda on TryDay Friday

For TryDay Friday, Kathie Lee and Hoda took a stab at being showgirls.

The Fourth Hour anchors donned elbow-length white gloves and elaborate – and apparently massively heavy – headdresses for their lessons. KLG’s feathered, jeweled headpiece kept falling off before she managed to secure it in place long enough to take a few swivel steps.


The ladies then were instructed by a pair of dancers from the Jubilee! revue at Bally’s Las Vegas. They crossed their legs, dipped and attempted pliés along with the dancers.

“You always have to kick, too," one of the dancers said. "There are tons of kicks in the show."


That was enough to stop Hoda in her tracks.

“Ooooh, no indeed. No, no, no, no,” she insisted. Her reason: “Spanx.”

But one thing both ladies got right, whether out of practice or embarrassment: The rule to “always smile!”