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It's Michelle Obama vs. Big Bird in hilarious 'Billy on the Street' sketch

Who would pair first lady Michelle Obama and Big Bird against a regular lady for a quiz? Nobody but "Billy on the Street's" Billy Eichner!
/ Source: TODAY

How would you feel if you were blindfolded and led into a supermarket by "Billy on the Street" host Billy Eichner — and then discovered you were going to compete in a goofy quiz against first lady Michelle Obama and Big Bird?

For Elena, who regularly appears in the always-vaguely-apoplectic Eichner's "Street" videos, it was "the best day of my life!"

We couldn't agree more. We've pulled out our favorite moments from the 12-minute-plus exchange, which was pegged to the first lady's pet projects of healthy eating and exercise:

WATCH: Video of "Billy on the Street" with first lady Michelle Obama, Big Bird and Elena

05:42: Which is better: Ariana Grande or eating a carrot? Elena buzzed in a bit too quickly, but after that false start the answer emerged.

05:57: Who deserves a Kennedy Center honor more: Martin Short or a box of corn? Take it from FLOTUS: A box of corn. "No!" shouted Eichner. "Martin Short! He's a genius!"

07:28: At Eichner's request, Obama slow-danced with Big Bird while Eichner sang Aerosmith's 1998 hit "I Don't Want to Miss A Thing."

08:40: When Obama slipped up and suggested that one of the four main cast members of "The Facts of Life" was "Trudy," Big Bird — largely silent until that point — spoke up and knew "Tootie"! He even knew the theme song! Of course Big Bird's a "Facts of Life" fan.

09:30: Time for some manual labor. Eichner read Gwyneth Paltrow's "Shakespeare in Love" Oscar acceptance speech from 1999 while Obama wheeled him around in a grocery cart.

No surprise: FLOTUS won. So what was her big prize? An over-sized photo of Ariana Grande's ponytail.

Don't miss the bonus round in which Eichner ran around New York City with Big Bird and asked random folks about various containers of fruit.

Now, who wants a carrot?

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