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It's good to be a stolen woman on 'The Voice'

The best thing to be on “The Voice” on Monday night? A woman stolen by one of the coaches as Adam Levine and Shakira's teams performed in the knockout rounds. Blake Shelton and Usher's singers will do the same on Tuesday, but were limited to offering witty quips to start the week.

Among Shakira’s winners were Karina Iglesias and Sasha Allen, both of whom she stole from Adam in the battle rounds. She also kept Kris Thomas, who the coaches thought was a woman in the blind auditions until they turned their chairs around, a fact that we are reminded of every time he takes the stage and NBC re-airs that footage. Garrett Gardner was also a keeper.

So basically, if you're a woman and you voluntarily picked Shakira simply because she turned her chair around for you at the blind auditions, you’re gone. If you let her steal you from someone else, she liked you more.

On the other hand, Adam was all women, all the time. He kept the stolen Caroline Glaser, as well as Judith Hill, Sarah Simmons and Amber Carrington. That meant saying goodbye to Midas Whale, ending Jon Peter Lewis’ dream of making the live shows for both “The Voice” and “American Idol.”

It’s bad news for anyone intending to watch the live shows, since Midas Whale would have been the most entertaining act. On the other hand, as Taylor Hicks proved on season five of “America Idol,” letting the entertainers advance to the live shows means they sometimes win at the expense of more talented alternatives, so in that sense, it’s tough to fault Adam’s choice.

The Maroon 5 frontman also dropped Orlando Dixon and Warren Stone, so the women on his team went 3-0 in head-to-head battles with the opposite sex.

Blake Shelton would consider himself another loser of the night. The country star first had to watch Amber continue to grow into a surprising contender for Adam. “I think I like Amber as much as I can’t stand Adam, and that’s a lot,” he said. (Dude, you’re not footling anyone. Embrace the bromance.)

He also saw Judith hit one out of the park with Willie Nelson’s “Always on My Mind.” (Note to readers: It was Blake who called it a Willie Nelson song, so all of you Elvis Presley/John Wesley Ryles/Pet Shop Boys fans go yell at him instead of us.) “Why don’t you come down here and punch me in the face,” Blake asked her, insulted that she wasn’t on his squad if she was going to go in that direction and do it so well.

Shakira immediately volunteered to be her proxy, but fists were not thrown. Maybe they’re saving the brawls for the live shows.

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