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It's on! Chris Pratt and Chris Evans' Super Bowl battle turns into bet for charity

Chris Pratt, Chris Evans
AFP-Getty; Getty Images

Captain America vs. "Guardians of the Galaxy's" Star-Lord? Yep, that's happening! Or rather, Chris Evans and Chris Pratt (who played those characters in the movies), are going at it — having kicked off a competition on Twitter over which team will win the Super Bowl.

Who's got the more Super team: Chris Pratt or Chris Evans? We'll find out in February.Today

See, Chris Pratt is rooting for the Seattle Seahawks to win; Evans is rooting for the New England Patriots . And when those visions collided on Twitter, the two were ready to put it all on the line for their teams.



Pratt happily took up the gauntlet.



Your turn, Capt. America!



The next day, Pratt turned it into a battle for charity.



It took until Wednesday, but Evans sealed the deal with his own bid (@chris_haven is the Twitter handle for Christopher's Haven, a nonprofit in Boston that provides support to families whose children are being treated for cancer).



But Pratt got one last zinger in:



Greatest impromptu Super Bowl bet ever! And the best part is that no matter who takes home the trophy on Feb. 1, it's the kids who'll win — with a visit from either Captain America or Star-Lord.

Stay tuned for some super developments.

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