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Italian official bans 'Jersey Shore' gang from boozing on film

Although it’s hard to imagine the cast of ‘Jersey Shore’ without their usual tipsy nightclub hijinks, the stars won’t have to imagine it this summer. When the Seaside Heights gang travels to Italy for season four, they’ll face strict rules meant to curb their rowdy routine.

The "Jersey" kids will have to obey some rules while in Italy.

The New York Post reports that the mayor of Florence, Italy, Matteo Renzi, has a list of dos and don’ts for the GTL crowd coming to his part of the world.

The rundown was first covered by Italian newspaper Corriere Della Sera.

Topping the list? The cast can’t be filmed in bars, clubs or other venues that serve alcohol. In fact, the reality stars had better get used to staying in at their new rental home if they want to taste alcohol at all, as public drinking on film is forbidden altogether.

Just to reinforce how serious the above rules are, yet another rule states that Florence can’t be portrayed as a drinking town.

Hmm. Looks like the cast might have to play it safe and just leave the booze behind. The only question is, what will they do all summer? There are only so many hours one can devote to gym, tanning and laundry.

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