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Italian-American group angry about 'Jersey Shore's' move to Italy

MTV’s decision to move Snooki, the Situation and the rest of the “Jersey Shore” gang to Italy next season isn’t sitting well with one Italian-American group.

UNICO National believes relocating the self-proclaimed guidos and guidettes to Italy will only create a harmful, “freak show” effect.

“People used to go to the circus to see the freak show – that is what this will be,” a representative from UNICO told TMZ. “It will not only hurt Italians but all Americans … Their outrageous, reprehensible behavior will make us look like buffoons and bimbos.”

This isn’t the first time UNICO, named after the Italian word for “unique,” has expressed outrage over the reality TV show. In December of 2009, shortly after the first episode of “Jersey Shore” aired, UNICO called for a boycott. The organization’s then-president Andre DiMino described it as “worse than I could have ever imagined, the lowest form of stereotyping you can ever see.”

Several “Shore” advertisers pulled out around the same time as the boycott call, prompting Snooki, who is actually of Chilean rather than Italian descent, to respond.

"I just have one thing to say to Domino's, Dell, UNICO and all the other haters out there, "F--- you!” Snooki told Steppin’ Out magazine. “If you don't want to watch, don't watch. Just shut the hell up! I'm serious... F--- you!"

Of course, those who want to see more "Shore" don't have to wait for the show to move to Italy. Take a look at the latest antics from the Seaside Heights crowd  in this sneak peek from Thursday night's upcoming episode:

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