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Is it time to put the Miley Cyrus jokes to rest? The CMA gang didn't think so

Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood take a moment — actually many moments — to mock Miley Cyrus' VMA antics.

Fresh from a Halloween filled with mock Miley Cyruses (and accompanying Robin Thickes), and on the heels of two and half months' worth of twerk-related jokes, the Country Music Association Awards made sure Cryrus' unforgettable VMA spectacle will remain unforgettable — by offering up reminder after reminder Wednesday night.

From a quick mention of Cyrus' post-VMA feud with singer Sinead O'Connor to a costumed nod that saw CMA host Brad Paisley don Thicke's VMA finery, and fellow host Carrie Underwood slip on a foam finger (well, foam Nashville Predators fangs, in honor of her hockey-playing husband Mike Fisher) — and oh, so many moments in between — Cyrus jokes seemed the unofficial theme for the night.

Heck, even while giving props to the evening's Pinnacle Award winner, Taylor Swift, Paisley took a Cyrus swipe.

"Taylor, you have grown up right before our very eyes, and I want to thank you from a grateful industry for never once humping a teddy bear or gyrating with Beetlejuice," he joked. "I know that’s not easy.”

Paisley later performed a "Ducky Dynasty"-sendup of "Blurred Lines" (the song that Cyrus moved and grooved to on the VMAs) called "Duck Blinds" that saw Duck Commander's own Willie Robinson work his best Miley-moves up against Underwood.

Some of the night's gags weren't even related to that infamous VMA performance. Underwood aimed one barb at Cyrus' racy routine in the "Wrecking Ball" video.

“I’ve got to say, if someone in music today was gonna be caught naked, licking a hammer ... I think we all thought it’d be Blake Shelton,” she joked.

Enough already? That's what some viewers were saying on Facebook.

"This is lame for the CMA's, don't they have their own stuff to make fun of?" asked Maritza Pimentel Sechrist.

"No more Miley," Ruth Labat wrote in response to the jokes. "Disappointed in Mr. Paisley & Ms Underwood for even giving it a second of air time at the CMA."

"The joke has become old, time for them to look up more material," Kelly Baker-Chase added.

It was a sentiment echoed again and again.





Three days after Cyrus' VMA performance, she told MTV that it was "amazing" people were still talking about. It'll soon be three months. Surely it's time to stop the talk.