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Is it time for 'Dancing' to replace co-host Brooke?

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"Dancing" co-host Brooke Burke Charvet may not be the best co-host to have ever appeared on the show, and some fans have been vocal about finding a replacement for her.

“How does it feel?” Brooke Burke Charvet, co-host of “Dancing With the Stars” likes to ask. A lot.

Maybe it’s a question she should be asking viewers, since many of them have complained loudly in our twice weekly “Dancing” chats (on Mondays and Tuesdays) and on our Facebook page. But their answers might not make her feel so great.

“She’s a true beauty, but soooo boring!” wrote reader Janelle Rodriguez on our Facebook pagein response to a “DWTS” recap post.

“Brooke Burke is a humorless stiff!” wrote Naomi Thompson.

“Brooke Burke was a DISASTEROUS choice to replace the lovely, lively (and articulate) Samantha Harris!!” wrote Bonnie Deur Vollbeer. “She is wooden, stiff, cannot ask a simple question (or ad-lib if necessary).”

You get the idea.

So if Brooke is that bad, just who could take that co-hosting gig next to Tom Bergeron, the best reality TV host in the business? (Please, Emmy voters, give the man his much deserved trophy next year!)

Let’s examine some options:

Carson Kressley

The season 13 contestant is an obvious choice, perhaps even to the “Dancing” powers that be. The former star of “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy” was a bright breath of fresh air while he was competing, and continued to liven up what has so far been a pretty blah season even after his elimination. The show has already helped prove to viewers that he’s more than perfect for the job. In a behind-the-scenes clip shown on the Nov. 1 results show, Carson expertly and effortlessly interviewed everyone from fans at the taping to celebs in the audience. There were no verbal fumbles, no strange questions – just pure perfection. And the cherry on top? His bubbly personality, which is a wonderful fit for the fun and glitzy show.

Drew Lachey

He’s done it before, and he was great at it! Which is why it’s rather baffling as to why the season two champ and season five guest co-host (then co-host Samantha Harris was on maternity leave) didn’t get the gig when she left the show after season 10. The 98 Degrees singer may not have the over-the-top exuberance of Carson, but he was solid, fun and experienced. In addition to filling in during season five, he also hosted “Dance War: Bruno vs. Carrie Ann” in 2008. Plus, we already know fans liked him as the co-host. Some even banded together to start a petition to keep him permanently and send Samantha packing before she even returned from her leave.

Kirstie Alley

Speaking of big personalities! Sure, she wasn’t the best hopeful hoofer during season 12, but she and pro partner Maksim Chmerkovskiy were a magical pair. And every time she stood in front of the panel for judging or bared her soul to the cameras, she was pure fun. And why wouldn’t she be? The actress has acted in numerous shows and films, so she knows exactly what to do in front of a camera to get the right audience reaction. Added bonus? Maks hasn’t exactly been quiet about his frustrations with the show the last few seasons, so having her as a regular presence on set might keep him happy and ON the competition.

Mel B.

Robbed! The Spice Girl was so robbed when she competed on season five and finished second to Helio Castroneves. (She delivered the most divine paso doble to ever grace the “DWTS” stage!) But beyond that, like Carson, she’s the right kind of kooky fun that the show needs. And like Drew, she’s got the experience. Since competing on “DWTS,” Mel B. has hosted “Dance Your Ass Off,” various TV specials and is currently a judge on Australia’s version of “X Factor.” And for those who think Brooke is co-hosting because she’s eye candy, Mel B. is a stunner as well. A stunner with personality.

Vote: Who should be the 'Dancing' co-host?

Anyone else on any week

OK, maybe not just some random person, but have a revolving door and bring in a fresh co-host each week. For example, the person eliminated the week before, or even a contestant from a previous season. The celebs already know what it's like to be on the show and will have a good idea of what kinds of questions to ask for the most drama. (Unless of course, we're talking about Brooke, who won season seven.) "Dancing" doesn't even have to limit its potential co-hosts to contestants. After all, there are tons of stars who have attended the tapings: Pee-wee Herman, Courteney Cox and Cher have all been there this season. Past seasons have even included John Travolta, Hugh Hefner and Jamie Lee Curtis. The options are endless!

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