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It's Ellen's 60th birthday! Watch Kristen Bell, Dax Shepard and JT celebrate

/ Source: TODAY

Ellen DeGeneres turned 60 Friday, and her talk show turned into a celebration.

Some of the host's closest celebrity friends marked the big day with gifts, greetings and one very provocative song.

The festivities kicked off with a via-satellite visit from Justin Timberlake, who took a break from his Super Bowl halftime show rehearsals to invite DeGeneres to join him on game day (which she declined) and to present her with a bouquet of flowers from a distance.

Oh, and he sang a couple verses of "Happy Birthday," too. But on this rare occasion, someone else upstaged JT when it came to the musical moment.

Actor Dax Shepard made a music video for DeGeneres, and in it, he belted out a ballad to let her know just how he feels.

Dressed in a white-on-white tux, the actor sat at a grand piano covered with rose petals and sang "You Make 60 so Sexy" — complete with lyrics, like "I know that Portia's your girl / But if you were single and straight / I'd rock your world."

Of course, Shepard isn't exactly single himself. In fact, his wife, Kristen Bell, dropped by to see DeGeneres in person and give her a great gift and a sweet sentiment.

After assuring DeGeneres that Shepard had "never done anything that romantic" for her, Bell presented her pal with a T-shirt.

"It's not huge, but it's meaningful to me," she explained. "Because it says, 'It took 60 years to look this good,' but I don't think it's pointing to your face. I think it's pointing to your heart."

Awws and hugs followed that, as did a little bit of 60-wisdom from the birthday girl.

"I feel like, as you get older, you just get so much more comfortable in your skin and feel better about yourself and about life," she said with a smile. "You don't stress as much."

That gives all of us something to look forward to as the birthdays go by.