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Is it ok to publicly shame a cheater on social media?

Should social media be used as a tool to punish bad behavior?

Kathie Lee and Hoda on Tuesday debated the strategy used by a woman who, during a two-hour train ride, listened to a man and his friends boast about how unfaithful they had been to their wives.

The woman ultimately snapped a photo of the group and posted it on Facebook. She described having to listen to “this loser and his friends brag about their multiple affairs and how their wives are too stupid to catch on. Oh please repost…”

And people did. The photo has been shared more than 270,000 times so far.

Kathie Lee said she could relate to the woman, although she doubts she would have the strength to put up with the conversation for two hours.

“Knowing me, I would have turned around and I would have said, ‘Please tell me you’re kidding, because how many of you have daughters,’ or something like that,” she said. KLG would have pressed them into answering whether they would like their daughters to “end up marrying someone like you, that cheats on his wife and thinks its funny and thinks it's cool.”

“I would shame them right then and there and then because its much more fun. It’s more fun to do it live,” she said.

But Hoda said she would have taken a more cautious approach. She admits she would have been “ticked off’ by the men’s talk but would have held her tongue and probably shared the conversation with friends later.

“I don’t think I would confront strangers because everybody is wacko,” she said. “You don’t know what people are going to do with you.”

The husband in question does not appear to have been identified — yet.

KLG noted the photo just keeps being shared: From the time she discussed it in her morning meeting to when they went on air, the number of Facebook shares of the post had grown exponentially.

“This is something that has legs,” she said. “Just like the lottery winner, people come forward. Oh yeah, you can run but you can’t hide.”