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Is it Laurel or Yanny? Audio clip has divided the internet

A recording has become the audio equivalent of #TheDress, dividing the internet over whether people hear the word "Laurel" or "Yanny."
/ Source: TODAY

A single word has divided America in two.

There are the people who listen to this recording and hear the word "Laurel," and those who hear "Yanny," and they are battling it out on the internet in the audio equivalent of #TheDress.

Neither side was backing down on Tuesday as people quickly became Team Yanny or Team Laurel.

Then there was the one-man Team Yanni, of course.

There also were plenty of people who couldn't settle on one side.

That led to the conspiracy theories.

Then the science guys got involved, noting that the audio frequency at which you listen to it will affect which word you hear.

That means that whether you listen to it on a laptop, desktop, cell phone or through headphones could make a difference in what you hear.

"If you have a low quality of recording, it's not surprising some people would confuse the second and third resonances flipped around, and hear Yanny instead of Laurel," University of Arizona professor Brad Story told CNN.

Phew, glad we got to the bottom of that.

(P.S. It's Laurel and it will forever be Laurel.)

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