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Iron Maiden fans furious at Sharon Osbourne

More than a thousand angry fans have signed a petition they plan to send to Ozzy’s wife, with some signers wishing the former reality-show star bodily harm.
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Some Iron Maiden fans have declared a heavy metal war on Sharon Osbourne. More than a thousand angry fans have signed a petition they plan to send to Ozzy’s wife, with some signers wishing the former reality-show star bodily harm.

The unpleasantness began at an Ozzfest concert in Devore, California over the weekend. When Iron Maiden took the stage, Black Sabbath fans apparently began chanting for Ozzy to appear, with some hurling eggs, bottles and various other items on stage.

Iron Maiden’s lead singer, Bruce Dickinson, told the crowd to break the arms of the hurlers, according to various fans’ reports, and made a snide comment about heavy-metal singers who appear in reality shows. “Technical difficulties” then erupted in Iron Maiden’s show — with lighting and sound going on the fritz; fans of the band blamed the problem on the organizers of Ozzfest. Some also claim that that Kelly Osbourne was one of the eggers, which the Osbourne camp denies.

Sharon Osbourne took the stage afterwards and had kind words for most members of Iron Maiden but reportedly called Dickinson an obscenity and said that he had been disrespectful of Ozzfest since the beginning of the tour.

That has brought out the wrath of Iron Maiden fans. “Sharon and Kelly’s actions towards Bruce and Iron Maiden are despicable at best,” wrote petitioner Michael Swint, one of the calmer of the signers. “It clearly shows how low they are willing to go to upstage an incredible act that were asked by the Osbournes to co-headline and [yet] Maiden are treated with disrespect.”

Gotta hand it to himJohnny Depp may be able to do a convincing pirate’s voice, but apparently he falls a little short when it comes to a pirate’s hands.

The makers of the sequel to "Pirates of the Caribbean" are looking for a gnarled-hand double for Depp because the "Edward Scissorhands" star has “girly man hands” according to the Star.

A spokesman for the flick denies the story, but a source told the tab, “[Depp] has very feminine hands, with long, slender fingers. It’s posed a bit of a problem for them.”

Notes from all overClay Aiken fans with their hearts set on owning the oh-so-tasteful furnishings in the L.A. house he’s selling are in for a bit of a disappointment. Claymates had been gawking at the 7,800-square foot, 6-bedroom estate that the "American Idol" runner-up is trying to unload for $2.495 million before realtors took down the link. Aiken’s mother decorated the place, the singer says, and he told a paper in his home state of North Carolina he’s taking the furnishings. “All the stuff, curtains, fabrics and whatever else is coming too,” Aiken told the Raleigh News and Observer.  . . . Mickey Rourke has been sounding like he regrets one of his most famous roles. While in Brazil promoting “Sin City,” Rourke was asked if people still ask him about “9½ Weeks,” the 1986 romantic thriller he made with Kim Basinger. “They do,” he replied, and, according to our translator, made a facial expression of disgust. “I feel ashamed. Seems to be someone else, in another time, another planet.” Quips the source, “One that we wish he’d never left.” . . . Look out Meryl Streep. Jessica Simpson said her performance as Daisy Duke took some serious acting.  “I’m shy,” the “Dukes of Hazzard” star told Hello magazine, “So it was definitely acting for me to drop a trenchcoat and be in a bikini.”

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