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The internet can't decide which way this person is swinging

The decade is ending with one last brainteaser dividing the internet.
/ Source: TODAY

It's only fitting that the decade closes with one last debate dividing the internet.

Over the past five years, the internet has battled over #TheDress, #MyBag, a Nike outfit, a pair of sneakers, and the audio showdown between Laurel and Yanny.

Now there's the question of which way this person is facing on this swing. Toward the camera or the building?

What seems obvious to some looks like the complete opposite to others.

Some people decided to illustrate their point.

In the end, the top bar gives it away. When he reaches the top of his highest swing, you can see his legs go up in front of the bar. If he was swinging the other way, the bar would be seen in front of his legs.

Plenty of trends from the 2010s will be going away, but the internet arguing over a visual brainteaser almost certainly won't be one of them. Looking forward to the next time-wasting illusion in a few weeks.