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Inside Britney's baby shower

Mom-to-be celebrated with flaming torches and bamboo tents

Beautiful and intimately Moroccan!

That was the theme of Britney's baby shower, complete with flaming torches and bamboo tents.

A beaming Brit greeted 19 of her closest friends and family bedazzled and bejeweled, just as the silk invitations stated, saying, "come barefoot and beautiful."

Britney's little sister Jamie Lynn chose a light green gypsy-style top and arrived with friend Kacey. While cousin Laura Lynn arrived a few minutest later.

But the most anticipated arrival was that of Kevin's wide-eyed children Kaleb and Kori, who were shown around the party by Britney's mom Lynne (that's a lot of Lynns).

Brit and her expanding belly looked lovely in a black dress and cowboy boots, which she promptly removed to have some Henna tattoos drawn on her toes.

Britney then let her hair down for an impromptu photo shoot, which included the kids and her cousin Jessica.

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