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The ins and outs of Lindsay’s latest rehab stint

She may be out of the spotlight, but Lindsay Lohan is still keeping busy. The 21-year-old party girl hardly has any downtime these days, courtesy of her round-the-clock schedule from Cirque Lodge, according to The Insider.
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She may be out of the spotlight, but Lindsay Lohan is still keeping busy. The 21-year-old party girl hardly has any downtime these days, courtesy of her round-the-clock schedule from Cirque Lodge, according to The Insider.

LiLo’s days start with a morning hike, meditation, breakfast and chores — all before 9 a.m. After meetings, workshops and recovery programs, there’s only an hour and a half of free time left on the daily roster, The Insider reports. And if she fails to participate in Lodge activities, she’ll lose privileges. In the world of rehab, that includes such luxuries as Gatorade and beef jerky.

No worries, though. It looks like Lindsay’s been a model resident, as she earned her first daytrip this week. TMZ spotted the smiling celeb strolling the streets of Orem, Utah. She stopped in the local Gold’s Gym, which has an arrangement for Cirque clients, and in typical LiLo fashion, couldn’t resist a visit next door to Beaches Tanning Center. With her orange spray-on glow back in place, she hoofed it back to rehab.

But not everyone’s happy about her little outing. LiLo’s dad, who’s notorious for going straight to the press every time his daughter blinks, has already chimed in. “Does Betty Ford let its people out? Absolutely not,” he told Extra TV. “I’m upset about this. They should never let any patient out.”

He didn’t stop there. Not one to leave any parental angle unexploited, Papa Lohan then played a tape to Extra, which he claimed was from a phone conversation he had with Lindsay.

The alleged voice of Lindsay said, “I called mom earlier and asked her how to get through to you … She wouldn’t tell me. ... To be honest, I sat in a room with Cody (brother) and he wants to see you but he is so afraid of what mom tells him … I know that mom still loves you. Dad, I’m the same person as you. I’m the same as you. ... Why are you becoming a minister? Dad, that’s retarded. Are you becoming a minister to prove yourself? You don’t have to be a minister to stay sober … I know that mom’s drinking did not keep you sober. Mom, shouldn’t drink, I know.”

How strange! It would almost seem as though the tape he played for Extra was simply a ploy in his ongoing custody battle with Dina Lohan. But surely, as he so often reminds the media, it’s all in Lindsay’s best interest.

Hayden’s naked truth
There are your run-of-the-mill Hollywood party girls. And then there’s Hayden Panettiere. As the current cache of former teen stars crash and burn, this 17-year-old “Heroes” hottie remains unscathed. Is she channeling her indestructible cheerleader’s superpowers? Even the gossip dirt on Hayden is somehow squeaky clean. The National Enquirer’s Mike Walker reported Hayden’s recent run-in with the cops. It seems she was nude sunbathing at a gal pal’s Malibu home when a police helicopter appeared on the scene, sending Hayden and friend running for cover. You wouldn’t catch Britney displaying such modesty!

Meanwhile, Hayden’s even polite to the paparazzi. Other popular princesses might send a boyfriend or bodyguard camera smashing. Not Hayden. TMZ reports that during a mom and daughter shopping trip, Hayden shouted a warning to one photog, saving him from a nasty spill with a potted shrub.

Justin to the rescue!
Doing his best Tom Cruise impression, Justin Timberlake pulled two pre-teen boys from the unforgiving waters ofMarina del Rey bay, the National Enquirer’s Mike Wallace reports. It seems the young lads capsized their kayak while engaging in some unsupervised horseplay, and weren’t wearing their life jackets. Happily, Justin just happened to be hanging out on a friend’s yacht when he witnessed the would-be tragedy and took immediate action. With no thought to his undoubtedly-pricey shorts and shirt combo, Justin dived in and caught the kids, righting their kayak just in time for their dad to zoom up on a Sea-Doo. It wasn’t until the two were safely aboard dad’s recreational water vehicle that they recognized their rescuer was none other than the guy who brought sexy back.

Dish on fly:
While Justin’s playing lifeguard, looks like his ex found herself another musician. The New York Post’s Page Six reports that Cameron Diaz and Jon Mayer are officially hot and heavy! … Forget everything you’ve heard! According to E!, Suri Cruise has not — we repeat, NOT — signed a contract to shill for Baby Gap. … MTV’s “reality” show “The Hills” isn’t so “real”?! Page Six sources report Lauren Conrad’s recent restaurant outing included scenes that required several takes! Which way is up?!

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