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Ingo on 'Dancing With the Stars' ouster: I'm disappointed but relieved

Adam Taylor / Today
Ingo Rademacher and his "Dancing With the Stars" pro partner Kym Johnson.

Getting cut just before the finals is tough, but Ingo Rademacher didn’t see any other realistic option regarding his ejection from "Dancing With the Stars" Tuesday night.

“It would have been amazing to dance in the finals,” the soap hunk told reporters after the semifinals results show. “But if we’d have gotten to the finals, then somebody would have been really upset because they all deserve a spot there.”

Rademacher said he would have stepped up to the plate if he had made it through, however.

“I would have switched into a whole other gear,” he mused. “(Kym Johnson and I) would have shown some dances that would have proved that we deserved to be there.”

The former "General Hospital" star continued, “In a way, I’m a little disappointed we didn’t get to do that, but I’m more relieved. I’m 80 percent relieved because my knees are really hurting me! I need to sit down!”

On a more serious note, Rademacher’s proud of his accomplishment with the show.

“I learned you can really do anything if you spend enough time at it,” he said. “I couldn’t believe that every time I’d come back (after being called safe), and on Wednesday, Kym would show me a new routine. I’d think there’s no way I can do that. And then, I’d end up doing it by Monday. You surprise yourself. You do it and it’s amazing.”

Rademacher credits Johnson with him making it as far as he did in the competition.

“We didn’t waste a lot of time fighting and bickering,” he explained. “Kym always came prepared. That was really, really good. Our rehearsals were well-organized.”

Rademacher has no immediate plans to return to "GH," where he played heartthrob Jasper Jacks on and off since the mid-90s.

For now, he’s set to hit the waves in Hawaii in a 32-mile stand-up paddle board race.

“I’m going back to train for that for two months,” he said. “If (‘GH’) calls after that, I’m always ready to come back.”