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Immunity idol? That's no immunity idol!

Once again, a fake hidden immunity idol was played, and once again, the gullible person who played it went home.
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The tribe has spoken: Once again, a fake hidden immunity idol was played, and once again, the gullible person who played it went home. Randy was given Bob's hand-crafted idol at Sugar's prompting, because Sugar told us that "Randy is an ass and I loathe him with every inch of my being." Before that, Randy thought he was being strategic and crafted a plan: He'd act worse than usual around camp, hoping to draw votes, and then convince Exile-visiting Bob to give him the immunity idol, which would allow Randy, Corinne, and Bob's votes for Susie to prevail at Tribal Council. But since the idol was fake, Randy was instead voted out, and Sugar laughed out loud, having gotten her revenge.

No hard feelings: Randy took being voted off well, at least for Randy. "Being voted out by these bozos is probably one of the best accolades anyone could get. The hell with these frickin' people," he said, but then added, "I hope they get bit by a green mamba."

Which side are you on? While Bob played along with Sugar, feeding the fake idol to Randy, he actually cast a vote against Susie — even though he knew that everyone would be voting Randy out, so the dominant alliance now knows that he's not with them. It's hard to tell what kind of game he's playing; it's either a very good one or he's not really playing at all.

Don't hide your feelings: When she voted for Randy, Sugar said, "You are a disgusting, old, hot-headed, chauvinistic, alcoholic bigot, and you need to grow up before you die alone. Loser." But it was Crystal who won the award for best voting confessional statement, because she essentially yelled it loud enough for everyone to hear: "You have made my life hell from day one. Forget you, go home, goodbye."

Watch your mouth: Randy's gotten particularly vile recently, and this week told Susie to "shut the f--- up" and told Matty, "you've even whored yourself out." Amazingly, he's said worse before.

Inflation comes to Africa: For the traditional Survivor auction, each player received $500 to bid on items ranging from three beers and peanuts (Randy spent $180) to the ability to send someone to Exile Island and take all their money (Ken spent $340 for that, and took Bob's $500). Susie got clean clothes and a bath, which she had to take in front of everyone, and Sugar bid $340 for a mystery item that turned out to be peanut butter and chocolate. Corinne bought "a huge advantage in the next immunity challenge" for $500, but it ultimately didn't help her win. The most controversial item, though, was Randy's purchase of cookies that he was allowed to share with the tribe, and his offer to Sugar resulted in her refusing a cookie, and then taking the last one, and giving it away — just to deprive Randy of his reward.

Tip your host: At the end of the Survivor auction, Randy walked up to Jeff Probst and inexplicably put some money on the table. Jeff put it in his pocket and, said, "Have a good night."

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