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 / Updated  / Source: TODAY
By Danielle Brennan

Sometimes when things get too rough, you just have to move on. And no one is more vocal about her decision, than this 5-year-old girl.

Sage is fed up with her family's home and her brother (who she said threw dirt at her) and declares that she is "moving on."

In the video, when her mom asks her why she has to move on, Sage reveals what has pushed her over the edge.

"I've been in this house way too long. I should move," she says.

Refusing to budge, Sage continues to tell her mom that she "needs to move on." Her place of choice? Jen's home. And in case her mom needs convincing, Sage shares what she'll do there.

"I will make Jen's house as clean as I can make it."

Getting heated, Sage begins to list all the issues she has with their home:

"This place is way dirty. I have no space. My bedroom is a disaster. I barely have room for all my stuff."

Even though her mom continues to tell her how sad she'll be and that she'll miss her - Sage is not letting up.

"I'm moving on," she tells her mom and brother. "I'm moving to Jen's."

Sage, you're a girl who stands by her convictions and we applaud that. So, the next time we need to break up with a guy or quit a job, we hope to channel you and just say "I'm moving on."