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If You Build It, Taylor Lautner Will Come

Remember Field of Dreams? OK maybe not, it was from a gazillion years ago.
/ Source: E!online

Remember Field of Dreams? OK maybe not, it was from a gazillion years ago.

So how does always-right-on Funny or Die bring this baseball movie that's old enough to drink back into vogue?

Bring Taylor Lautner into the mix. Team Jacob now refers to sports, people, not just dueling vamp and werewolf factions.Tay's appearing in a fake trailer of the creatively titled Field of Dreams 2, except this time this has nothing to do with baseball.

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This werewolf's all about good 'ol American football!

The gorgeous Tay takes over Kevin Costner's 1989 role, except his visionary "field of dreams" is shown as a funny solution to the current NFL lockout.

Getting satirical there, eh, T?

It looks like some NFL stars are taking up acting to pay the bills during their time off, too, 'cause there are enough players here to make one hunky team--Tony Gonzalez, Ray Lewis and DeSean Jackson to name a few--and they threw in some ESPN announcers for butch measure.

The worst enemy of many wolf-obsessed Twi-hards, i.e., Taylor's girlfriend, is played by Marielle Jaffe from Scream 4. Plus, they've got Ray Liotta and Dennis Haysbert. Oh, and Costner himself makes a gray-haired appearance! Talk about big-screen power hitting the Internet.

How'd they get so many freakin' celebs for a vid that totals 188 seconds?

Well Funny or Die had to pay up, duh. It was the "biggest online production in the four-year history" of the website, according to

Must have been worth it if they snagged a Twilighter, right?

Well, guess, it's worth watching. But, really, wake us when Rob and Kristen do Funny or Die. Like, Taylor didn't even take his damn shirt off, so, what's the point?

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