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‘Idol’ was Justin Bieber’s back-up plan to fame

If things had been different for the teen sensation, might he be Aaron Kelly’s big competition this year? He certainly thought about trying out for the show.
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Justin Bieber, who was among the recording artists who pitched in for “Idol Gives Back” on the April 21 benefit, clearly didn’t need to take the “Idol” route. But if things had been different for him, might he be Aaron Kelly’s big competition this year? He certainly thought about trying out for the show.

“For sure!” Bieber told MTV News. “You know ... we used to watch (the show). Me and my mom used to watch it when I was little and we were like, ‘I could get on there, you know.’ When I turned 16, I might have went and tried out, but (being discovered via YouTube) was faster.”

Indeed it was: Bieber, who just turned 16 in March, currently holds the No. 1 and No. 8 spots on the Billboard Top 200 Albums chart.

Dr. Drew had nothing to do with Lohan drama Dr. Drew Pinsky has been outspoken about Lindsay Lohan needing help (the star denies she needs any), but he had nothing to do with the drama that transpired Thursday, when Lindsay’s dad, Michael, entered her apartment with authorities in tow.

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“I have no choice but to make this public, due to my sister's safety, as well as my own, ‘my ex-dad’ just WALKED INTO MY APT like the devil's advocate with officers …,” Lindsay tweeted Thursday afternoon.

One of her followers tweeted that the entry was the fault of Dr. Drew, that he “purposely proveked (sic) your unstable father,” to which Lindsay wrote, “agreed.”

In response, Dr. Drew told TMZ, “I've personally never met Michael Lohan, nor Lindsay. My comments were in relation to what I would do as a father.”

According to Michael Lohan, he entered the apartment in an attempt to remove Lindsay’s younger sister, Ali, from Lindsay’s home.

Original 007 reunites with his Aston Martin The 23rd James Bond film is on hold indefinitely, but the original James Bond, Sean Connery, will be back on the big screen and in his Aston Martin … sort of.

Fusion TIFF File
Fusion TIFF File

Connery is the starring voice in “Sir Billi,” the first animated film for Connery and the first animated film to be created in Scotland. The producers are offering the photo at right as a first sneak peak of the film, in which Connery plays the character Sit Billi, a retired veterinarian with a “license to heal.”

“He drives a rusty old Land Rover about the Highlands, but when duty calls, he turns to the family classic — the Aston Martin DB5,” said the film’s director, Sascha Hartmann. The film does not yet have a U.S. release date.

Weekend box office Before getting to this weekend’s box office, a quick rewind to last week: On Monday, I fell on my sword, saying that I’d been wrong about “Kick-Ass” being No. 1 at the box office. In case you missed it, by Tuesday, when the complete numbers came in, the film did narrowly beat “How to Train Your Dragon,” and officially was No. 1.

As for this weekend, CBS Films tries for success again with Jennifer Lopez’s “Back-Up Plan.” Its competition is “The Losers,” also opening wide. Unfortunately, I don’t think either new release stands a chance at the top spot. Look for “How to Train Your Dragon” to climb back to No. 1.

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