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‘Idol’ viewers think Gedeon, Ayla were robbed

The majority also think that Kevin and Melissa should be next to go home
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“American Idol” sent Gedeon, Kinnik, Will and Ayla home Thursday night, whittling the show's numbers down to the magic 12 finalists. What did you think of the latest dismissals? And who do you think could win it all?

Here are some of your comments.

Gedeon over Kevin? I think it's a farce that Gedeon McKinney gets ousted while Kevin and Bucky continue on. Those two can't sing their way out of a paper bag. I've been watching “American Idol” since its inception, and every year I watch talented people get sent home way too early. —Mark

A reason to stop watching?Gedeon did not deserve to be voted off! He's a young man with a lot of talent, faith and would have stepped up each week to give even better performances. I may stop watching this show after this mess! —Brenda

She’s every womanMy favorites? For the women, it is most definitely Mandisa. She is by far the most talented of all the contestants. Her inner beauty and outer beauty are dazzling and her confidence is amazing. I believe it is her time to shine and she will be the winner of “American Idol.” I also believe Taylor Hicks is an amazing performer with an incredible quirkiness that is hard to not favor. He is too unique to be voted off and I believe he is and will be the finalist for the men. Good luck to both of them! They both have a career in the music industry for decades to come! —Gina

Go Katherine!I feel that there is no way that Ayla Brown or Gedeon McKinney should have been sent packing. Gedeon especially was dealt a bad blow as he has a much stronger voice and commands the stage so well compared to Kevin who merely made it through because he is such a nice kid. That is not what “American Idol” is about. It is about the next great undiscovered talent and Kevin is clearly out of his league. Ayla too is a much stronger performer and only went home because of one wrong song choice. She has been great every week compared to Melissa who has just been scraping by. Next to leave the show should be the two contestants that should have gone home last night, Kevin and Melissa as their time and fortune have run out. I feel that Elliott and Katherine have the two strongest voices and your next “American Idol” will be Katherine McPhee! —Daren

Take that, Ayla!Melissa had every right to be in the top 12. Ayla is a spoiled brat who thinks that she should win everything. I don't think she deserved to be put next to Melissa like that. —Stevens

Bucky may want to batheI don't think that Ayla and Gedeon deserved to be voted off, especially Gedeon. But as your article says, they are both very young and have a bright future. However, America did get it right with Kinnik and Will. I'm totally unsure how Bucky made it through ... he looks as though he hasn't bathed in weeks and sings like the redneck country boy that he is. One day in the not too distant future Simon will let him know that I'm sure. As far as who should win it all — it's way too early for me to make that call ... but if I had to guess I probably would have to say Paris Bennett. She's a little dynamo and definitely has "IT". But America has voted off better than Paris Bennett in the past so right now it's anyone's guess.  —Linda

Don't mess with Chicken LittleKevin may not look like a pretty boy, but he can SING!! I believe the right people were sent home but I would buy an Kinnik album. My favorites are Chris, Taylor and Kelly. —Angela

Doogie does ‘Idol’It was a joke. Kevin Covais only survives because he looks like a Doogie Howser. Gedeon has better vocal and stage presence than both Kevin and Covington. That's why after the first couple of weeks I start tuning out. —Marcel

Bring back Ayla!I'm completely SHOCKED about Ayla! How in the world could she have NOT been in the top 12? It makes me want to write the good folks at Fox and tell them to recount, have a do-over, something. message boards are busier than ever with "bring Ayla" back type threads, which comforts me to know I'm not the only one who shed a tear with her. Next to go should be Kellie or Paris, but I'm betting it will be Melissa or Kevin. I have no doubts this is Chris's competition to win. To listen to the contestants without seeing them; they sound a lot different. Ayla has talent, I hope there's a wildcard this season to bring her back. —Julie

Granny vote doesn't pay offI loved Will. He is a dead ringer for my grandson, and appeared to be just as nice... —Judy

Kevin should go home nextKevin sounded a mess and has sounded a mess through the entire season. It's wrong for voters to keep him in because of sympathy, and it was wrong of the judges to put him in the top 24 over others who had much more potential and better singing voices. There are/were other singers who can actually sing and deserved to be there. Gedeon should have remained over Kevin; Will even sings better than Kevin. I hate to be mean, but you have to sometimes and I really hope Kevin goes home next week. He doesn't even move while on stage and he holds the mic close enough to his mouth to take a bite out of it; it's really irritating to watch. For the girls, I believe Melissa will go home next week but there really aren't any bad singers in the women's group so I don't have many issues there. —Tasha

‘Idol’ castoffs have nothing to worry aboutI thought that Kevin and Melissa should have been voted off in place of Gedeon and Ayla; the others will probably be one of the first ones to go in the next two weeks. Gedeon will make it; he has tremendous faith, a good voice and a winning style. Ayla will continue with her basketball and she'll come out on top also.  —Roni

Melissa an ‘Idol’ darkhorse
The three are still young and have time to try again. I really thought Gedeon and Ayla would make it. I think Melissa is better than you are giving her credit for being. She is correct, she has not gotten the air time. Simon does not seem to like her. Kevin won't make it much further even though he is a cutie and a sweetie. I want Will to try again when he is a little more mature. —Linda

Who's voting for Bucky?Gedeon should not have been voted off; he out sung Bucky by 1,000,000 to 1. The only thing keeping Bucky is the young women's vote, maybe because of his looks, but I don't know how! —Brenda

Creed night on 'Idol'?All I have to say is I hope Chris wins. I wish he would sing some Nickelback or Creed. Those would be perfect for him. Not only is he hot and can sing but he seems like an amazing person. He loves his stepchildren like they are his own according to his girlfriend. That is hard to find in most men. It just seems to be the perfect ending to a fairytale with him and his family if he were to win. I wish him the best of luck and I'm pretty sure that if for some reason he doesn't win, some producer will take him on. Good Luck, Chris. —Emilie

Kelly should take the crownI'm hoping Kelly will win as “American Idol” for 2006. She deserve to win the crown. The reason I say this is because of her personality and genuine attitude. I wish her the best of luck and have faith that all her dreams will come true. —Alice

The fix is in?Isn't it a coincidence that Ayla has a full scholarship to Boston U to play women's hoops next season and would NOT be able to tour with the final 12! This was the obvious reason that “American Idol” ended her run, NOT the fans! Funny how this is supposed to be a fan vote in show? —John

Your 15 minutes are upI am really getting sick of all of the LOSERS saying “This is just the beginning” and “You'll see me again” and crap like that. They need to face it. It's over. We won't be seeing you sweetheart. It's time for a white male to win it. We've had a black male and female and two white females. So it looks to me like Chris is going to win. He's the best male vocal. The best female is Mandisa, but Chris is winning it. Mark my word. —Ashley

The gray-haired ‘hottie’Taylor Hicks is a hottie and there is just something dynamic about him that MAKES you watch him plus he is just his own person and he knows who he is and what he can sing. Ace is a hottie, though. —Dakota

Enough with the oldiesWhat is with all the old music begin sung by these people? I am sick of the oldies, pre-’80s music. I would love to see Chris or Ace belt out some U2. Maybe the girls can venture into some Tracy Chapman, Alannis or Sheryl Crow? As far as I'm concerned, the person who sings a contemporary song will get my vote. —Valerie

The dreaded PicklerPlease send the Pickler home! It's so sad that America is still focused on looks and not talent. Since when does being talented at being a "minx" (as Simon called her) qualify one as a talented singer?! Her voice is very weak. Katherine also has a weak voice, but can at least carry a note. Kellie couldn't carry a tune in a tote bag! Ayla was definitely robbed. Melissa is not the best singer, but at least has a natural singing voice that with some training can be improved (unlike "The Pickler" — Hey!, that sounds like a good name for a villain for the old "Batman" shows). Kellie Pickler should have been the one to go. America needs to listen with its ears, not its eyes! —Linda