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‘Idol’ sends oil roughneck Michael Sarver home

Michael Sarver drew plenty of attention on "American Idol" due to his job as an oil rig roughneck, but he'll be heading home now. Sarver will rejoin his fellow "Idol" contestants on tour this summer.
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More May-December: “Idol” is into pairing older men with younger women performing onstage in romantic duets. Last week, it was Randy Travis crooning with Carrie Underwood. This week, it was Smokey Robinson and Joss Stone. And every week, it’s Paula Abdul and Simon Cowell. OK, Paula and Simon are much closer in age, but it’s still uncomfortable to watch.Simon who?: President Obama and Simon have been linked a couple of times in recent weeks. Obama compared all his critics to Simon when he appeared with on "The Tonight Show," and then the “Idol” judge seemed to suggest that he couldn’t manage to clear his schedule to meet Obama in Los Angeles. But on Thursday, he clarified that he was joking and had not dissed the president for dinner. Ryan Seacrest said he already knew that. “When we had lunch, he said he’d never met you before,” the host said.

The Velvet Teddy Bear returns: There’s no question that “Idol” has been very good to second-season winner Ruben Studdard. He became the latest former champion to return, performing his new song “Together” live on the results show. He also was given a big boost at a down point in his career when he was selected to sing the send-off-the-losers anthem a year ago, covering “Celebrate Me Home.” All things considered, he’s one singer who can’t complain about "Idol" producers 19 Entertainment.

Craig Berman is a writer in Washington, D.C.