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‘Idol’s’ Adam Lambert already a hit on eBay

Adam Lambert has stood out as one of the most unique contestants on “American Idol’s” Season 8, so it’s only fitting that a slew of equally unique items related to the star-on-the rise have cropped up on eBay.

From a locket allegedly containing some of Adam’s hair, to a shower curtain featuring Adam’s likeness, the raven-haired singer is all over the popular selling Web portal.

On Tuesday, 662 items related to the member of “Idol’s” final three were available for purchase.

One item currently up for auction is “Catbert,” a ceramic cat made in Adam’s likeness. The seller notes that “Catbert” is wearing a “white suit and white tie, just as Adam did when he sang ‘Feeling Good,’ during Rat Pack week.”

Another item called the “Adam Lambert Necklace,” allegedly features a lock of Adam’s hair, saved for her by someone who cuts the “Idol” hopeful’s hair, the seller claims.

Sellers are also offering more traditional items like mouse pads, purses, hip flasks, money cases, and T-shirts all featuring his image.

Kris Allen, also an “Idol” finalist, has just 53 items devoted to him on eBay including key chains, buttons and original artwork.

And as for Danny Gokey, just 68 items at press time were devoted to the gravelly-voiced singer including a clock, wrist bands and an Italian charm bracelet.