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'Idol' hopefuls flee from their 'haunted' house

It’s not easy for “American Idol’s top 11 contestants. The would-be stars have to deal with the constant stress of outperforming their competitors, the growing expectation of the celebrity judges and of course, all of that dreaded paranormal activity.


Yes, according to TMZ, the current batch of “Idol” contenders "freaked out" when a series of seemingly mundane woes in their Beverly Hills house, including flickering lights and a sudden spider problem, were capped off with a ghost sighting. Several singers were said to have seen a sheet move around the mansion of its own volition last week and that, in addition to the other troubles and a newly leaking roof, was enough to prompt the group to demand new, improved, phantom-free digs.

Sources told TMZ that show producers gave in and recently relocated the haunted “Idol” hopefuls.

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