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‘Idol’ fans debate remaining three

Will it be Carrie, Bo or Vonzell?

With just three singers remaining, "American Idol" fans are even more fiercely devoted to their favorites. Here are just some of your thoughts.

ANTHONY WON’T BE MISSED“Anthony absolutely deserved the boot off of American Idol. I honestly do not see how he ever made it that far in the first place. He’s one contestant that surely won’t be missed in my household.”  --Tina

POP VS. ROCK VS. COUNTRY“Who’ll win? I think the question should be, “Which genre wins?” This is now a contest of pop vs. rock vs. country... Vonzell, Bo, and Carrie are simply the pawns at this point—all three are good in their genre.”    --SA

VONZELL SHOULD GO“Right now, the only one that really deserves to go is Vonzell... her performances doesn’t blow me away, as it should this far in the competition... it feels like I’m always watching her perform the same thing... she always sticks with the same genre... The perfect finale would be between Carrie and Bo, both of them know who they are, and what they are capable of, and always pleasant to listen to... I’m hoping Carrie wins, I really like her, but unlike the other seasons, I wouldn’t mind if Bo wins... For the first time there are true great performers running-up for the grand-prize.”    --Tito

CARRIE SETS A GOOD EXAMPLE“I would like Carrie to win - because I think she is much more versatile and willing to try new things and appears to from a very nice well balanced family—a good example. Bo will probably win—which isn’t a bad thing, although I think he will be limited by what he likes, i.e. hard rock and not as well received in the greater public.  I think Vonzell is a good girl, although not much talent—she screams alot and likes to change the melodies....... but hey, she is just like Fantasia—she will be forgotten ...... because people really don’t like screaming!”    --Janine

RECORD DEALS FOR ALL“I think Carrie will win it all, because we don’t need another rocker like Bo. And plus if Carrie doesn’t win then she will get a record deal, & if Bo doesn’t win he will get a record deal. So it doesn’t matter to me!”    --Anonymous

"Anthony was not very good and shouldn’t have been in the top 4. He compares to Hawaii’s Jasmine from last season that should have been booted off earlier than she was. Carrie will likely win, if she does super this week & next and Bo has off weeks. I prefer Carrie, but Bo would be ok too. They will both get record contracts at some point. Vonzell’s the one with the personality, though. She’s not the best, but with some training, I believe that she’ll go far in the music industry also.”    --Helen

VONZELL’S TEARS“I think Anthony should have stayed. Vonzell should have gone instead of him. She probably got some sympathy votes because of her sob act. I wonder why Cowell did not ridicule her. Remember last season when he reduced to tears Jasmine? Now what’s the difference between the two? Jasmine was very young and got really humiliated by Simon when she cried. Vonzell is mature enough and it was a surprise that she cried even before the judges made any remark. And this time Cowell was careful enough not to ridicule her. so, what was Vonzell crying about?”    --Anonymous

“I thought Anthony gave the best performance on Tuesday night. Vonzell should have gone quite some time ago. Randy Jackson has no judgment and of course Paula just wants everybody to like her.”    --Barb

VONZELL=CHER, BO=HILLBILLY“Vonzell deserves to take it all. She is the only one with actual star quality. There are 5 million girls who sing country exactly the same way Carrie does, God forbid she wins for being the same thing that all her voters are. Bo is only in the end because his voters feel some strange urge to have a rocker win. Bo is not a rocker! He is a white trash hillbilly who can hum a tune. If he was a rocker, News Flash, he would not be trying out for American Idol. Vonzell has a Cher, Whitney Houston, Barbra Streisand voice quality. Please, vote for someone who actually has talent.”    --Kendra

CARRIE=MARIAH & WHITNEY“I think it was no mistake that Anthony was eliminated. Anthony has a good voice but doesn’t have the best American Idol can offer. Carrie Underwood on the other hand is very very good. She’s the best this competition has to offer. If she doesn’t win I will be extremely upset and I dont think I’ll ever watch this competition again! Carrie is the next Mariah Carey the next Whitney Houston! The diva on the rise! Simon even agrees that Carrie will be the next american idol! I recall him saying after her performance alone’Not only will you win this competition you will sell more records than any previous Idols before!’ It’s true!”    --Kris

ANTHONY WAS THE BEST“I don’t think Anthony deserved to get the boot.  He may have looked like a teenage clean cut guy next door, but he had the best voice of the bunch, staying on key, singing full volume, warm personality.  Unfortunately, he was booted.  Bo will probably win since he has the best stage presence of those remaining.  Vonzell looks good, but can’t sing on key consistently and Carrie seems to be a little too stiff and uncomfortable when she’s not singing country music.  Is this really the best talent out there?  I don’t think so.  I’ve heard far better performances in church choirs.”    --Cathy

BORING CARRIE“I think Carrie should go home! She is as exciting as watching paint dry on a wall! I honestly dont see what all the fuss is about! The ONE TRUE American Idol was voted off almost 3 weeks ago! But I have to say, I’m rooting for Bo! He’s the only one left with talent! Go Bo!”    --Lee