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‘Idol’ dials wrong numberwith many viewers

Not everyone believes goof was honest error
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"American Idol" seemed to go off without a hitch Tuesday night — until viewers looked closely. given for various singers were incorrect.

That's a huge problem for a show that relies on viewer votes to eliminate contestants. The show's executive producer blamed an outside contractor for the mix-up, but regardless of whose fault it was, the show called for a do-over.

While featured tapes of the same performances shown Tuesday night, the show featured new comments from the judges and contestants.

Here are some of your comments on the phone follies.

SOME ‘ACCIDENT’“I wouldn't be so sure that this wasn't intentional.  I don't think it was to try to throw off votes, because, at least if they do what they say they're going to, they are only going to count votes for today's show.  However, as you said, Idol had the top two most-watched shows last week.  Wouldn't it be tempting for them to try to, this week, squeeze out the top three shows by "accidentally" showing the wrong numbers and being forced to redo the top rated show, again?”    --Dan

OTHER VOTING PROBLEMS“Although I'm not a conspiracy theorist, the first week of voting had everyone at our IDOL watching party steamed.  Seems whenever we voted for our favorite (Anwar Robinson) who was #3 that week, the FOX/IDOL recording would say, "Thanks for voting for Idol contestant #9.  Regardless of the phones we used--cells or home, we kept getting the same recording.  I called a number for national FOX and voiced my frustration to the recording.  Say what you will, I don't trust FOX and if the American voting public think they're actually having their votes tabulated correctly, then I have to go on TV & start selling something!”    --Pam

HOW MANY VOTES?”This voting fiasco is the worst mess-up ever on American Idol.  When we had the two groups (guys and gals ) Fox was able to boast about getting over 120 million votes.  Since we have had the top 12, they have not mentioned the vote totals at all.  Why?  Well, when you bring both the guys and the gals together we cannot vote 2 days in a row and there is no way the show can claim as many votes as they did when the groups were separate.  So could it be that this was a deliberate mess up to ensure a double vote to claim they received over 120 millions votes for this weeks show?”    --SP

”Fox is not trying to throw votes from one contestant to another. But Fox loves the ratings. By faking a ‘mistake’" they get to own 3 nights this week and have everyone on edge and buzzing about it (as opposed to just scheduling 3 shows and risking the burnout questions). Genius.”    --Jeff

“Things happen.  What can you say.  As for Mikalah Gordon, sorry to say she was sure to get ousted or possibly Constantine.”    --Wanda

THE FIX IS IN“I believe they fix the phone lines to boot out the ones they don’t want. Last year Clay Aiken was by far the winner . It's amazing how they praise the ones who can not sing like Mikalah Gordon.”    --Betty

NO WONDER IT WAS EASY TO GET THROUGH“I watch the show enough I know the first 8 numbers by heart anyway.  I did, however, wonder why it was so easy to get through to vote last night because I knew I wasn't voting for the bottom group (or was I?).”    --Lisa

“This was something bound to happen sooner or later, but playing again may give everyone an equal chance to reconsider their votes and or hear the performances again with a different mind set.  Perhaps more people will actually see the real talent a second time and certainly they will have an opportunity to see the judges go at it again now that's becoming entertaining.”    --Michael

EXTENDING THE SHOW“I'm surprised they just don't skip the vote this week and do it again next week. They always are pulling that crap to extend this show as long as possible.”  --Lenny

“I don't have much faith in the voting system by phone. You should only be allowed to make one vote from one phone. I texted my vote last night. I will do it again tonight .”     --Lori

NEW NAME“New name for show:  ‘American Idiot’.”  --Mary Jo

“People who watch that program have too much idol time.”  --Anonymous