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‘Idol’ contestant cut after dad talks to paper

A moment of pride has turned to sorrow as an “American Idol” contestant has been cut from the competition after violating a confidentiality agreement, according to a report.

Michael Lynche (a.k.a. Big Mike) was reportedly told to pack his bags after his father revealed to his local Florida paper, The St. Petersburg Times, that Michael had made the top 24 — a violation of Idol rules requiring the singers and their families to keep the Hollywood week results quiet until they’re broadcast.

The New York Post, citing Idol spoiler site Joe’s Place, says Michael was replaced in the top 24 over the weekend. FOX has declined to comment on the report.

If Lynche has indeed been booted, he wouldn’t be the first. Last season, Joanna Pacitti was replaced by Felicia Barton on the list of top 36 contestants. FOX would not give a reason other than Pacitti was found to be “ineligible to continue in the competition.” But her dismissal followed reports that she had connections to executives at Idol producer Simon Fuller’s 19 Entertainment.