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'Idol' audience upset about Katy Perry, Kanye West performance

Thursday night’s “American Idol” boasted a live performance from Billboard A-listers Katy Perry and Kanye West, which as it turned out, wasn’t very live at all.

As is often the case when big names appear on “Idol” results shows, Perry and West pre-taped their spot. Too bad no one mentioned that to the audience.

Prerecorded or live, the “ET” performance was all the same for the at-home crowd watching the action on the small screen, but E! Online reports that in-house fans expected to see the stars up close and personal when host Ryan Seacrest announced them.


According to E! Online’s Aimee Curran, “The entire ‘Idol’ audience stood up to get a good look — only to be utterly confused and, dare we say, pissed that they weren't seeing Mrs. Brand in all her Top 40 pop glory.” 

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