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Idina Menzel to play Bette Midler's role in 'Beaches' remake

Idina Menzel has signed on to Lifetime's 2017 remake of the cult-classic film, "Beaches," reprising Bette Midler's starring role as CC Bloom.
/ Source: TODAY

Did you ever know that you're our hero, whoever made this casting decision?! DID YOU!?!?

Entertainment Weekly has reported that Idina Menzel has signed on to Lifetime's remake of the cult-classic film, "Beaches," reprising Bette Midler's starring role and upping the ante for whatever network dares to tackle the next musical television event. The actress is poised to steal our hearts with her own rendition of "Wind Beneath My Wings" next year, with production beginning Aug. 15.

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Seriously, who's responsible for this? We've just got to know where to send our thank-you notes and flowers and eerily foreshadowing notes.

Apart from "Wind Beneath My Wings," the original movie also made waves (get it?!) with "The Glory of Love." Menzel will sing both of those tunes (eee!) as she navigates a plot that die-hard "Beaches" fanatics will note is, in some ways, markedly different than its '88 blueprint.

Though the character of CC Bloom was and remains a hopeful singer-in-the-making who pairs up with Hillary Whitney, a wealthy girl she meets at the boardwalk, the original film, directed by Garry Marshall, saw the two meeting for the first time in Atlantic City, New Jersey. Menzel and her as-yet-not-casted co-star, though, will lay eyes on each other at the Venice boardwalk in Los Angeles.

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As if Idina Menzel didn't already have enough epic musical roles under her belt. Maureen, Elphaba, Elsa and now ... CC.

If we're dreaming, don't pinch us.

Anyway, we're not sure exactly when in 2017 the movie will hit the airwaves. But until then, you can find us on the couch, rewatching the original surrounded by balled up tissues and our yellowed "Wicked" playbills. All 23 of them.