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Ice queens: KLG, Hoda try wine in frozen glasses

Peter Kramer / Today
Kathie Lee keeps cool with an enormous wine glass made of ice.

Hoda and Kathie Lee have finally found the perfect-sized wine glasses.

For "Try Day Friday," the ladies were served their frequent beverage of choice in a massive wine glass made entirely of ice.

“I know you won’t believe this, but my mouth is not that big,” KLG declared as she took a look at the glasses. “Hoda’s is.”

Peter Slavin, an artist from a new ice bar opening this weekend in New York, custom crafted the pair of glasses, which actually offer a comparatively limited reservoir for the drink.

Peter Kramer / Today
Hoda tries out her ice wine goblet.

Hoda noted this as she giddily poured wine into the glasses.

“Oh, look, mine holds more. Oh look at mine!” she said, before noting to KLG: “You got a little short squatty one.”

That didn't bother Kathie Lee, who just asked for the entire wine carafe.

The ladies were required to wear white gloves before they could pick up their grand chalices to help prevent their skin from sticking to the ice. KLG also got in the mood by donning a pair of white Dalmation earmuffs. Still, she looked tentative about hoisting the glass, expressing concern she would spill the liquid gold over her dress.

She ended up sloshing the drink a bit, but sipped as ladylike as she could, impressing Hoda in the process.

“Wow, your mouth IS big,” she said.