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'I Wanna Marry Harry' lures 12 American women into a royal dating mess

As Snow White once sang, "Someday, my prince will come." But "someday" came sooner than expected for 12 lucky ladies, who were selected to potentially become the latest addition to England's royal family on Fox's new reality show, "I Wanna Marry Harry."

Well, not exactly. As Fox has done in the past with 2003's "Joe Millionaire" (in which a regular schlub pretended to be a wealthy man as he dated gullible women), "Harry" is just another way to dupe unsuspecting singletons. (No surprise: Producers of "Millionaire" are also behind "Harry.")

On the show, which premieres in May, a terrific Prince Harry impersonator (Matthew Hicks) wines and dines a dozen American women, none of whom appear (based on a promo released Wednesday) to catch on to the highbrow hoax.

On Friday, the TODAY hosts got their first peek at the series, and Tamron Hall asked the critical question: "Even if you can't tell the difference (between the real and fake princes), do you think Prince Harry needs to go on a reality show to get a girlfriend?"

"I Wanna Marry Harry" premieres on May 27 on Fox at 8 p.m.