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'I didn't say that!' 'Family Feud' contestant wins laughs with most awkward answer ever

by Ree Hines / / Source: TODAY

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When "Family Feud" contestants are vying for control of the board, there's not a lot of time to think. Host Steve Harvey delivers a survey question, and the race is on to chime in with the very best answer.

So it comes as no surprise that every now and then, a player might put forth an answer that isn't so great — bad even.

But as recent contestant Darci proved, there's another not-so-winning option: epically awkward.

"Name something a doctor might pull out of a person," Harvey asked at the start of the round.

Darci's answer? "A gerbil!"

It was obvious she regretted what she said a second later.


"I didn't say that!" she scrambled, hoping for a way out of the embarrassment.

But funnyman Harvey wasn't going to give her an easy out.

"Yes, you said it," he told her. "Bam! 'Gerbil.' Just like that — first answer, no question."

It was not, of course, a guess that matched any of the seven survey responses on the board.

All Darci's fellow competitor, Manny, could do was laugh, until he managed to contain himself long enough to give a more likely — if not more entertaining — answer. ("A baby.")

While "Gerbil" is far from the first awkward answer blurted out on the show, it has to be the most awkward yet. At least in that regard, Darci nabbed the win!

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