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Hyundai's new Super Bowl ad stars Boston actors and their wicked-smaht accents

Former Red Sox slugger David Ortiz also appears with John Krasinski, Chris Evans and Rachel Dratch — but the real star of the commercial is the Boston accent.
/ Source: TODAY

Hyundai has a wicked cool Super Bowl commercial.

The automaker has released an ad for the big game that pokes fun at the well-known Boston accent, with Beantown natives John Krasinski, Rachel Dratch and Chris Evans all taking part.

The spot opens with Dratch and Evans standing on a street watching a man fail to get his car into a tight parking spot, only to see Krasinski pull up in a Sonata, with all three delivering their lines with the thick accent.

“Look at these two troublemakahs,” the former “Office” star says.

“Wicked cah. Is that new?” Dratch says.

“Oh, you’re not fitting your cah in there,” Evans warns.

“Look who’s got Smaht Pahk,” Krasinski declares as he steps out of the car, while Dratch and Evans look on as the vehicle eases into the spot on its own.

After Krasinski says he can park it anywhere, Evans and Dratch go rapid-fire, naming locations — “Dorchestah,” “Foxborough,” “the Gahden” — that emphasize the accent throughout and around the city.

“Pahked it,” Krasinski replies each time.

Toward the end of the commercial, retired Boston Red Sox star David Ortiz, who hails from the Dominican Republic, leans out a second-floor window.

“Hey, he can’t pahk there!” he shouts, doing his best Boston accent.

“He’s got Smaht Pahk,” Dratch says.

“Wicked smaht,” Ortiz says.

“This is a ghost cah,” Dratch says as the commercial draws to a close.

Something tells us people will be talking about this ad next Monday, whether they’re from Boston or not.