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Hugh Jackman surprises, delights TV reporter with on-camera photobomb

Hugh Jackman is one of Australia's greatest exports, and he proved it yet again with his off-the-cuff photobomb of a reporter's video.
/ Source: TODAY

Hugh Jackman makes our day, a fact we've explained in detail before.

But earlier this week he also made the day of a Sydney, Australia TV reporter named Jessica Turner. While she was reporting in front of the camera, Jackman emerged from the building behind her. Unable to resist, Jackman threw his arms wide and grinned.

Turner turned and laughed, delighted.

And that, as they say, would have been enough for a wonderful moment. But there's more to this story: The building Jackman and wife Deborra-Lee Furness were walking out of was a hospital, where he'd been visiting sick children as part of his Fight Cancer Foundation work.

So Turner wasn't entirely surprised that Jackman was in the building behind her. She'd been sent to cover the story. It was the photobomb — or is this a videobomb? — that took her by surprise.

As Turner wrote later on her blog, "I kind of heard someone yelling behind me, but like all reporters, I’m practiced at blocking out any background craziness and staying focused, so I carried on. Until the Wolverine practically had his arms around me!

"You can’t really hear it in the clip, but he even yelled out 'sorry' which is when I replied, 'The best kind of photobomb Hugh!' Yep, you can photo-bomb me all day Hugh," she wrote.

The feeling is decidedly mutual.

Bonus: Jackman continues to delight, posting this unrelated but amazing Throwback Thursday photo:

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