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Hugh Jackman, Jamie Foxx bust a move on 'Tonight Show,' 'Late Show'

Hugh Jackman's "Gangnam Style" meeting with the song's singer PSY went viral in October -- the two were shooting "Wolverine" and "X-Factor" next door to one another -- and on Thursday's "Tonight Show," Jackman (now promoting "Les Miserables") attempted to share the love with host Jay Leno, offering up a tutorial in the viral dance moves. 

Spoiler: one of the men is much better at going "Gangnam" than the other.

But Jackman wasn't the only guy busting some moves on late night television Thursday. Jamie Foxx, appearing on the "Late Show with David Letterman," recalled Wednesday's "121212: The Concert for Sandy Relief," and his respect for "seasoned" -- not older -- rock legends The Rolling Stones.

Specifically, Foxx was very taken with some of Mick Jagger's dancing. Demonstrating them himself, Foxx said, "I love how he'll come to you and leave," Foxx said of one of Jagger's signature moves.

"Well sure, you don't want him to stay exactly -- I mean you kinda do, but you don't really," Letterman responded.

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