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 / Updated  / Source: TODAY
By Randee Dawn

Hugh Jackman is shameless. And we love that!

The cheery Aussie posted yet another adorable video on Instagram Friday, in which he writes, "I plead the 5th on explaining away these awesomely embarrassing dance moves."

We all know Jackman can dance, so it's fun to see him goof it up for no particular reason other than that it's a Friday.

And while he's a frequent Insta-grammer, Jackman has recently been uploading images and videos showing him, his family and his dogs truly living their best life. Here are a few of our favorites:

Imitating Alan Rickman in "Die Hard":

Taking selfies with fellow Antipodean Russell "Rusty" Crowe:

Enjoying the beach:

Eating a second piece of cheesecake!

Participating in #ThrowbackThursday with a 20-year-old picture (he hasn't changed a bit):

Hangin' with the dogs:

And hugging his wife (Deborra-Lee Furness):

Whatever he's doing, we hope he keeps doing it — and gives us a call once he finds a way to put it in a bottle. Happy Friday, Hugh Jackman!

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