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Hugh Grant says dance scene in 'Love Actually' was 'absolute hell' to film

At Christmas, you tell the truth.
The dance scene in "Love Actually" is actually legendary!
The dance scene in "Love Actually" is actually legendary!Universal / Universal
/ Source: TODAY

In a recent interview, Hugh Grant spilled a little secret about that iconic dance scene in “Love Actually” that shows him dancing around 10 Downing Street: It was “absolute hell” for him to film.

“Imagine, you know, you’re a grumpy, 40-year-old Englishman,” Grant told the BBC in an interview clip published by Variety. “It’s 7 o'clock in the morning, you’re stone cold sober and it’s ‘OK Hugh, if you’d just like to freak out now.’”

The scene — set to the catchy tune of the Pointer Sisters’ “Jump (For My Love)” — would go on to be one of the most memorable scenes in the 2003 film.

Grant, now 59, went on to say he never rehearsed the scene, finding the whole concept “excruciating.”

His director, Richard Curtis joked that he had, given his “dirty behavior in discos across London.”

Even his co-star Colin Firth got in on the unofficial roast, saying Grant had made a “terrible fuss” about the scene but in the end it was worth it.

“It did delight everybody, and I think it’s the highlight of the film for a lot of people,” Firth said.