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Huffman admits she was drunk on new film

Felicity Huffman is addressing those rumors that she was drunk on the set of “Georgia Rule”: She was. Some.

“OK, it’s a little true. I was drunk a little bit of it, but not a lot,” the “Desperate Housewives” star tells Parade magazine. She wasn’t, she insists, falling down drunk. “No, unfortunately. I wish I could have done it drunk.”

Huffman says the reason for her drinking was not angst over the behavior of co-star Lindsay Lohan, who was rumored to be partying hard on the set. In fact, Huffman vigorously defended Lohan.

“Once people see the movie, God willing, the performances will eclipse any gossip,” Huffman said. “People always love gossip whether it’s true or not. To me, Lindsay was a complete and utter delight. The minute I met her, I just loved her. She meets you with an open heart and wide-open eyes and gets right in there. She cares about the work. She throws herself in, 100 percent. I just adored her. She’s fantastic in the movie. It doesn’t get any better than what she did. Brilliant.”

PETA takes on Tigers
The Ivy Leaguers at Princeton are the next target of PETA.

The animal-rights group, which usually sets its sights on celebs such as Nicole Richie and high-profile fashion designers, is hoping it can make the Princeton Tigers stop eating meat.

Tomorrow, veggie students at the university will stage a protest by appearing nearly naked, smeared with fake blood, wrapped in cellophane and lying on giant meat trays outside the cafeteria beneath signs that read: “Meat Is Murder.”

The appearance coincides with a student-sponsored talk by PETA vice-president Dan Mathews, who will discuss his new book “Committed: A Rabble Rouser’s Memoir.”

Mathews says he had second thoughts about presenting the long-planned protest so soon after the tragedy at Virginia Tech, but explains that students met with school officials, who approved the demonstration “as long as we don’t splatter fake blood everywhere so that when students walk by later they don’t think there was a killing.”

Notes from all over
What’s the real reason that Gisele Bündchen stopped modeling for Victoria’s Secret? Some conspiracy theorists are claiming that the Brazilian supermodel wanted a clause in her contract specifying that she didn’t have to appear in any shows near Bar Rafaeli, the model who replaced her in the affections of former boyfriend Leonardo DiCaprio, according to Brazilian columnist Fabio Reipert, who writes for Folha de Sao Paulo. Yet there are others, claims the writer, who are suggesting that Bündchen may have packed on a few pounds. Fans say that’s nonsense. … Paris Hilton reportedly wants to work with Justin Timberlake on her next CD. … Thomas Haden Church says that being nominated for an Oscar for his role in “Sideways” didn’t improve the sex life between he and his wife — it didn’t need any improving. “(My wife) Mia (Zottoli) and I have never suffered in that area,” the “Spider-Man 3” star told Elle. “I always look forward to making love to her.” And he says that turning 40 hasn’t hurt his sex drive, either. “Last week, we were at the gym, kissing and flirting like teenagers,” the 46-year-old actor shared. “We had three different people come up to us and go, ‘Oh, c’mon!’”

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