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Howard Stern calls Leno a 'crook'

Richard Drew / AP / Today
Howard Stern didn't mince his words on "Piers Morgan Tonight" when it came to the topic of Jay Leno.

Shock jock Howard Stern has never kept his dislike of "Tonight Show" host Jay Leno a secret. And on Tuesday's episode of "Piers Morgan Tonight" on CNN, Stern took yet another stab at the late-night TV host.

The Sirius radio host insisted during the interview that Leno "is insane. And Jay is a crook. ... He steals a tremendous amount of material." (Stern in the past has cited examples of Leno using bits from "The Howard Stern Show.")

Stern also said he couldn't believe Leno has beaten "Late Show" host David Letterman in the ratings: "America must be filled with morons who at night lay in bed ... the ones who are watching (Leno), they must be in a coma." (Watch a clip of the interview on Radar Online.)

But Stern didn't spend the entire time complaining to Morgan about Leno. He brought a hint of his adult tone to the interview in a discussion about his "100 percent real" hair up there, and ... well ... elsewhere. Check it out:

Stern was Morgan's second guest in the show's premiere week on CNN. Next up is Condoleezza Rice on Wednesday. Ricky Gervais and George Clooney are also scheduled to appear this week. The premiere episode featuring an interview with Oprah Winfrey debuted to 2.1 million viewers Monday, according to TheWrap.com. Though the number is a 219 percent increase from Larry King's program in the same time slot, it wasn't enough to beat Fox's 2.3 million viewers, who had Sarah Palin on "Hannity."