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How will Charlie Harper exit 'Two and a Half Men'?

E.J. Camp / CBS / Today
In the last new episode of "Two and a Half Men," Sheen's Charlie Harper was on his way to Paris. Could that be his character's explanation for the exit?

Now that Warner Bros. and CBS have fired Charlie Sheen, replaced him with Ashton Kutcher and erased him from the "Two and a Half Men" banners, the only thing left is to script his character Charlie Harper's exit.

And it turns out that the last new episode of "Men," which aired Feb. 14, may provide just the perfect farewell. (The episode had Charlie headed to the airport with Rose for a romantic trip to Paris.) Sources connected to the show told TMZ.com that creator Chuck Lorre will use the flight as a means to erase Sheen from "Men." However, the sources told the gossip site that the end of Charlie won't come via a plane crash.

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