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How they did it! Brothers detail epic zombie apocalypse prank on sister

Brothers Cabot and Barrett Phillips joined younger sister Millicent on 'The Ellen DeGeneres Show' to break down their epic zombie prank.
/ Source: TODAY

When Millicent Phillips knew she was going to be sedated to have her wisdom teeth removed last week, she figured her older brothers might have something up their sleeve.

"I thought they were gonna maybe make me like say something silly,'' she told Ellen DeGeneres on her show Wednesday. "I didn't realize they were going to convince me that my world was falling apart."

Brothers Cabot, Barrett and Hudson from Leesburg, Virginia, pulled off an epic prank on April 7 that has been now been watched millions of times. They convinced Millicent, 17, that a zombie attack had begun while she was still in a fog from the anesthesia at the dentist's office.

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"She's such a funny, expressive young woman we're like, 'She will do something that's just gold for the family to watch for years to come,''' Cabot, 22, told DeGeneres. "We knew she was afraid of zombies, so we were like, let's just do this."

Millicent admitted she was initially reluctant to put the video on YouTube knowing how it would make her look, but figured it would be worth a shot if they might end up on Ellen's show.

The brothers, who are big "Walking Dead" fans, had a fake Centers for Disease Control and Prevention message they played in the car, and got Dr. Lee Welstead of Leesburg Dentists in on it. They also enlisted their mother to make a fake phone call and pretend she was in a panic when they got home.

"She was all too willing to get involved,'' Barrett told DeGeneres.

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"It kind of makes me worried for future reference that she's really good at this lying,'' Millicent joked.

One of the classic lines comes when Cabot tells Millicent she has to choose between taking the dog or the cat when they flee to Mexico.

"The cat, you idiot!" she replies.

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"I've been getting a lot of hatred about this from the dog people, naturally,'' Millicent said. "[Our dog] bites, he's tiny, and he's like 10 years old. He's kind of just like a grumpy old man at this point. He's never returned the love I've given to him. It's so hurtful."

DeGeneres presented her with a shirt commemorating her famous line, a vacation for the family, and some gifts for her dog, Napoleon, and her beloved cat, Hercules, now that everyone "survived" the zombie attack.

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