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How Seriously Is Teri Hatcher Hurting?

Teri Hatcher isn't in desperate shape, but she's definitely hurting.
/ Source: E!online

Teri Hatcher isn't in desperate shape, but she's definitely hurting.

The Desperate Housewives star tells E! News that she's suffering from a debilitating condition called Frozen Shoulder that's keeping her from fully using her left arm.

And no, this has nothing to do with the Botox she used to take.

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"I'm doing everything available to get better, including considering surgery," the 46-year-old Hatcher revealed. "It's a long haul through rehab and physical therapy, but I have a great attitude."

Known to doctors by its medical name, adhesive capsulitis, Frozen Shoulder is an unusual malady in which the shoulder joint stiffens and swells, causing pain to the sufferer that over time becomes more severe.

Per the Mayo Clinic, those who have it usually get it if they've had their arm in a sling for several weeks or recently had surgery which immobilized their arm. The pain isn't permanent however and goes away on average within two years.

The best way to treat the condition is with stretching, exercise and injecting cortisone and numbing medication into the joint capsule to reduce the inflammation. If that doesn't work, surgery may be an option.

"I believe things happen for a reason and this has really helped me get better at asking for help, defining priorities and enjoying all the things I can do," says Hatcher. "I am training for this year's [Nautica] triathalon, even though my movement is limited."

Forget the Iron Man. Teri's the Iron Woman.

"I expect to beat this at some point for sure," says Hatcher. "All indications are that I will, one way or another. And in the meantime, ironically, I've never been happier. Life is something to be grateful for every day and I am."

She's so grateful, in fact, that the actress is giving her time over to a good cause.

Hatcher's partnering with the Grain Foods Foundation to kick off The Bread Art Project, a charitable campaign aimed at raising money for Share Our Strength, a nonprofit which fights childhood hunger.

Now that's grinning and bearing it.

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