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How Much Did Nic Cage's Bargain-Basement "Frat-House Bordello" Home Sell For?

It's a castle fit for a king--or a buyer with some spare change.
/ Source: E!online

It's a castle fit for a king--or a buyer with some spare change.

Just not, apparently, Nicolas Cage.

The actor's absurdly decorated Bel-Air manse has finally been unloaded on an anonymous, all-cash buyer this week, reports the Los Angeles Times. Described as "frat-house bordello" by one real-estate agent, the place featured 300 framed comic book covers, elevated electric train sets choo-chooing around a breakfast room and three dozen bronze wall sconce holders made from a cast of Cage's arm.

Classy. So exactly how much did it go for?

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After forking over $35 million for the place, Cage lost the house to foreclosure this year after some financial setbacks. He's embroiled in a multimillion-dollar lawsuit against his ex-business manager, Samuel J. Levin, for allegedly getting him into his severe money mess. Levin has countersued.

As for this particular six-bedroom, nine-bathroom house (not an actual castle, but a 1940 Tudor) the new owner, identified only as a limited liability company, got quite a bargain when he picked up the pad for $10.5 million--comic books not included. The sale closed today.

Hope whoever it is is prepared to get to work redesigning the place. Prudential California real estate agent Bret Parsons told the paper that in addition to the decorating horrors inside, an elaborate security system had been set up by Cage, with wires coming out of the walls "everywhere."

It's got much potential to be cool again though. Before Cage injected his gaudy taste into the thing, it was the place Dean Martin and later Tom Jones called home.

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