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By Julieanne Smolinski

The war between man and machine may be closer than we thought, as some claim that dishwashers are now ruining our marriages.

Peter Kramer / NBC News / Today

Bosch, a home appliance company, recently conducted a survey that suggests loading the dishwasher is a contentious issue for many couples.

The survey, which named the top five reasons why people fight with their mates over the dishwasher, found the leading cause of conflict was the eternal debate over whether dirty dishes should be rinsed before they're loaded.

Dirty dish placement can also create strife: When it comes to how she places her forks in the dishwasher, Hoda said she was a tines up girl and would probably fight someone over the right to load as she pleased.

TODAY / Today

Kathie Lee said she didn't think flatware placement mattered — isn't everything supposed to get clean? — and was more shocked that Hoda both scraped AND rinsed her plates off before putting them in the diswasher.

KLG ultimately offered the perfect solution: "Live with a man like I do who does not load it or unload it. Then you can deal with your other problems."

Julieanne Smolinski is a TODAY contributor who is unmarried solely so she doesn't have to deal with this kind of noise.

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