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'How I Met Your Mother' reveals more about mom

We're about to hit the mother lode: CBS' hit series "How I Met Your Mother" has released a final-season teaser clip, in which the mysterious, eponymous "Mother" Cristin Milioti puts in some serious screen time.

The series' title premise has been drawn out since the show's 2005 debut, when Ted (Josh Radnor) sat his grown children down to tell them "How I Met Your Mother." They've been waiting a long time, as have fans, to find out the answer. 

Then, in a very short scene at the tail end of May's season eight finale, Milioti showed up to buy a train ticket to Farhampton. She was identified in credits only as "The Girl With the Yellow Umbrella." (Later, a CBS rep confirmed to TODAY that she would in fact be playing the mother.)

Just who the "Mother" of the title is has been under discussion since the series began, and nearly every woman who has guested on the show has been scrutinized as the possible character. But the reveal at the end of last season left many fans a little underwhelmed, based on comments to TODAY Entertainment's Facebook page. ("7 years wasted," noted one; another said, "Sad, as he waited all those years for THAT???")

Well, soon fans will have a chance to see much more of the future mom, based on the new clip.

Her character (still unnamed) does get on the train, but there's no sign of Radnor — instead, she ends up taking the ride with Lily (Alyson Hannigan). Though there's a bonding moment of cookie-sharing, later on "Mother" is also shown apologizing to Lily: "I'm sorry I swatted you on the nose with a rolled-up magazine."

Check out all the mom magic at 8 p.m. on Sept. 23, when "How I Met Your Mother" returns to CBS.