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How I Met Your Mother Renewed for Two More Seasons!

/ Source: E!online


In other words, How I Met Your Mother has been renewed for two more seasons, through 2013. This means two things.

For one thing, the slap remaining to be doled out by Marshall could be dragged out waaay longer than originally planned. And for another thing...

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Us fans might have to come to terms with the idea that meeting the mother is not happening anytime soon--good thing, then, that HIMYM has long since proved it's much more than just the mother mystery. Creatively (and ratings-wise), the show has been strong and steady, especially with the storyline of Marshall's dad's death underlying recent episodes.

So, instead of thinking how long it'll be until we get the mother of all reveals, just remember what Josh Radnor told us : "It's too long a title, but the proper title for the show should be: This Is All The Stuff That Happened Before I Met Your Mother. And when you look back you'll realize everything had to happen so that everything else could happen."

CBS boss Nina Tassler said in a statement: "We are so proud of this show and all of its creative and ratings achievements. HIMYM's brilliant producing team continues to find inventive ways to tell funny stories that stir pop-culture conversation; it has become a go-to destination for top guest stars, and its amazing ensemble cast brings to life characters that audiences want to hang out with every Monday night." Speaking of that awesome cast, they're all signed on for all these eps.

Superpumped to hear the renewal news, HIMYM fans? And who knows? Maybe we'll meet the mother sooner than the series finale so we can, you know, actually get to know Ted's wife before they go off and have babies together.

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