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How Being a Sweet Piece of Man Candy Landed Alexander Skarsgrd His Battleship Role

We just can't resist a man in uniform. Especially when that man is Alexander Skarsgrd and the uniform is that of a Navy officer. Yowza!
/ Source: E!online

We just can't resist a man in uniform.

Especially when that man is Alexander Skarsgrd and the uniform is that of a Navy officer. Yowza!

In 2012, Skars, in all his uniformed glory, will star in the Peter Berg-directed Battleship, Universal's big-budget action flick based on the board game.

So how exactly did our favorite Swedish hunk land the hot leading role?

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"I was first made aware of Alex Skarsgrd by the 15 women who work in my office who came in collectively as one with a picture of Alex and said, 'He is going to be in Battleship. It's nonnegotiable,' " Berg told the L.A. Times with a laugh. "When they left, I pulled up some True Bloods and really liked the show and thought that he was completely right for this character."

Although a gaggle of ladies holding his pic didn't hurt, Skars himself proved to the director that he was the right man for the job.

"I had a great meeting with him--he and I spent a day on an aircraft carrier in San Diego. After that I was convinced he was the right guy for the film," Berg told the paper of Skars playing the part of Stone Hopper. "He had a real sense of what the purpose of that role was. He had really strong opinions and ideas."

Turns out, the publicly shy guy is full of strong opinions and deep thoughts! Who knew?

"People are always, big shiny white teeth, big smiles, everything's fantastic. How sincere is that?" questioned Skars. "Are people really genuinely that happy all the time or is there something in there that they're trying to fight? I know I am."

Um, like what, boo? Seems to us everything is pretty fantastic for the strapping Swede, who does have big, shiny white teeth. But it sounds like there's more to the actor than just a pretty face and smokin' bod.

"I think it's really good to acknowledge that there is that inner battle. Of course, that's interesting exploring. It's scary and it's dangerous, but it opens up your soul," Skars revealed.

Obviously, we are dying to know more about our future husband's inner battle, but we're guessing it has something to do with his chosen public profession and trying to keep his private life just that. So uh, stop talking to mags and newspapers, maybe?

"Being followed is weird. That people want to discuss where I ate lunch or what I wear when I go to lunch...the private life is just gone," the actor lamented of celebrity's downside. "That's a little tough. It's quite different in Sweden. We don't have paparazzi following you in Sweden. You're allowed to have a private life in Sweden in a different way."

So, in Sweden, you wouldn't be asked over and over WTF is up with your relaysh with a certain blonde, Hollywood lady?

If you're going to open up about your inner turmoil, at least give us some goods on your real-life romantic status!

OK fine, we'll stop asking (today,) just don't move back to Sweden!

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